‘Conflict Cartography’
Introduction to Conflict Analysis
Training Game


Training game: interactive, workshop-style introduction to Conflict Analysis.

Through expert inputs, case studies, examples and interactive exercises players develop a powerful skill set and the analytical ability to make sense of complex environments and dynamic developments that impact on aid, development and peacebuilding projects.

Single Player – Online – Windows PC, MacOS – English


About the Game

In Conflict Cartography players learn to use field-tested analytical tools developed by and for those responsible for managing projects in conflict areas.

The training enables future project leaders, teams and consultants to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of conflict, anticipate developments, identify key stakeholders and make better decisions when planning and implementing projects and interventions.

The Training Curriculum & Key Learning Content

Introduction to Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA)
Understanding Conflict
Understanding Violence and Escalation

The Conflict Analysis Toolbox:
Stakeholder Analysis (e.g. conflict mapping, social-dynamics pyramid)
Spatial Analysis (e.g. geographical analysis)
Factors for Peace and Conflict (e.g. conflict tree, pillars model)
Dynamics and Scenarios (scenario planning)

For Whom is this Game?

For students and junior professionals
and for experienced professionals new to Conflict Analysis

The Origins of 'Conflict Analysis'

The conceptual framework and methodologies of Conflict Analysis have been developed by practitioners in the field of conflict intervention, peacebuilding and development.

Their practical work has been backed up and substantiated by research all over the world.

Conflict Analysis is taught as a key skill set in university programmes and professional training. It has become a critical part of preparing professionals for challenging assignments in fragile, complex or conflict affected environments.


A Glimpse into the Game

We will soon add a video of 'Conflict Cartography' here


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Additional information

How to Access the Game?

The game runs online in your browser.
In addition to your confirmation email you will receive a separate email with your license key and link to the login. Use your license key to register and set up an account.
For some of our games we still do this manually hence it may take up to 24 hours to arrive.




Microsoft PC and MacOS

License Expiration

Your license expires 12 months after purchase.
To request a longer licensing time please contact our customer service.

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