‘The Karthasia Trials’
Match-to-Role Assessment for Senior Managers


Situational Assessment for Senior and Strategic-Level Roles

‘The Karthasia Trials’ provides organizations with a powerful instrument to assess their candidates and senior managers ability to cope with complexity, a critical factor when recruiting or promoting for higher and strategic level roles.

The assessment enables organisations to match the right people with the right role and supports individual managers in their personal growth and career planning.

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Single Player – Online – Windows PC, MacOS – English


About the Game

Conventional assessment methods cover a range of capability factors (personality, job-related competencies, work values) but tend to overlook a critical component: thinking capability - the mental bandwidth needed to cope with different levels of work complexity within organizations.

Equipped with this highly specialized insight about their candidates, organisations significantly reduce the risk of matching the wrong person to the wrong role. Instead they can place their people in roles where they feel constructively challenged and fulfilled and contribute to the success of the organisation.

As an individual, the 'Karthasia Trials' enables you to recognize where within an organisation you can play to your greatest strengths and enables you to choose a role that suits you and allows you to feel effective and fulfilled in your work instead of overstretched or bored.

This games-based assessment provides all decision makers involved in hiring, promoting and developing people in their organisation with a highly-reliable method to identify and match candidates’ thinking capabilities to working at different levels of complexity and thereby helps to ensure that the right person is in the right role.

The Assessment Structure & Content

The 'Karthasia Trials’ Assessment utilizes the unique abilities of computer games to simulate complex situations in which the player becomes so deeply immersed so that their responses are genuine and authentic.

The assessment is designed in phases of increasing levels of complexity. Within a fictitious geographical region named Karthasia, the player is given the role of Project Manager for an international organization.  Throughout the game they are faced with a wealth of information, interacting with characters who, at times, give contradictory insights into the challenges the player needs to resolve.

The player must understand the complex interplay between problems, their causes and possible solutions. They also must grapple with the nuances of cultural differences and conflicting racial, religious and political agendas of the various stakeholders.

The Assessment Output & Reports

Once the player has completed the assessment, the software provides detailed results and feedback. These have the benefit of being fully independent from human assessment and therefore provide equal opportunities for all players, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, etc.

As a second step our team of specialists reviews the anonymized results generated by the game. They provide additional insights and verification to the assessor/ line manager, guiding the assessor in interpreting the results. Assessors receive a detailed report for each candidate.

Players receive a separate feedback report with their results. This report also includes capability development guidance based on the results for personal growth and career planning.

For Whom is this Game?

The 'Karthasia Trials' is designed to assess experienced managers who are looking to move from operational to strategic level roles or want to expand their area of responsibility.

The assessment provides a powerful tool for organizations with higher levels of complexity in their structures and operations, such as international and multi-national businesses, companies with multiple business units, subsidiaries or complex supply and distribution chains who depend on their managers ability to manage complexity, think strategically and oversee a web of interdependent activities.

It also provides deep insights for managers who want to take control of their career path. The assessment enables professionals to identify the most valuable opportunities for personal growth and helps managers to ensure any role they accept allows them to perform to their best professional abilities and satisfaction.

The Science behind 'The Karthasia Trials'

'The Karthasia Trials' is a ground-breaking assessment tool which identifies and stretches people’s thinking capabilities and their ability to cope with complexity at senior organizational level.

The assessment is based on over 30 years of research into human capability. Researcher Elliot Jacques developed the concept of 'Complexity of Information Processing' (CIP) and while his conclusions have been received critically his assessment methods have been proven right again and again and are today used by Fortune 500 companies around the world.

'The Karthasia Trials' offers companies access to this unique and powerful methodology without costly and often unavailable expert interviews that had previously been the sole way of assessing people's capability to cope with complexity.

Read more about 'Stretching your Thinking to Manage Greater Complexity' and the science behind the Karthasia Trials on our blog.


A Glimpse into the Game

images from KTrials to be added soon


Looking for Something Else?

The Karthasia Trials

Coming in Summer 2020

Due to the success of the original 'Karthasia Trials' we will soon launch two further assessment games

'The Karthasia Trials' - Rapid Assessment for External Recruitment

A shorter version of the assessment for recruiters and organizations who have to manage high volumes of external recruitment.
The assessment has the same accuracy as the original but can be completed within approximately 90 minutes playtime.

'The Karthasia Trials' for Graduates and Junior Professionals

The graduate version enables organizations to assess also their young professionals and newly graduates, providing insights into candidates capability to cope with complex challenges at junior level and allowing organizations to identify high-potentials for future leadership roles.


Additional information

How to Access the Assessment?

The game runs online in your browser.
In addition to your confirmation email you will receive a separate email with your license key and link to the login. Use your license key to register and set up an account.
For some of our games we still do this manually hence it may take up to 24 hours to arrive.




Microsoft PC and MacOS

License Expiration

If the assessment has been set for you by an assessor they will have defined the time you have to complete it. You can see this once logged into the game.
If you acquired the assessment for yourself your license will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
To request a longer licensing time please contact our customer service.

How do I Set Up the Assessment for my Candidates?

If you undertake the assessment for your own benefit you will receive instructions in your confirmation email.

If you are an assessor or represent an organization, want to acquire multiple licenses or have recurring need to assess candidates contact our customer service and our team will assist you in setting up your admin account.

On this simple and intuitive platform you can
– assign assessments to candidates
– oversee and manage the assessment process and your candidates
– assign assessors or line managers to receive the reports,
– collect and review reports
– manage and order further licenses whenever needed

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