We have spent years experiencing organizations struggle with strategic challenges, missing out on opportunities, wasting talent and resources and wallowing in frustration. Conventional approaches don’t offer sustainable solutions. So, we decided to create a solution beyond the conventional.
Our pioneering virtual learning experiences help executives to create greater performance and well-being in their organizations by mastering increasing complexity in their environment. Whether your challenge is leading organizational change, preparing for a major merger/acquisition or helping your executives to make the transition from functional to strategic roles, our virtual learning solutions will improve your chances of success by expanding your executives’ thinking.
The game is business – we'll show you how to play it.

What We Do for our Clients

Advanced Capability Development for Senior Executives

Diagnostics & Capability Assessment

Assessment tool for use by senior executives within organizations, as well as executive search consultants supporting the organization’s recruitment activities for mid and senior level roles.

Games-Based Simulations

High-end virtual, games-based programs and simulations that provide the rocket fuel for organizations to accelerate the transformation of their senior managers into strategic thinkers and mature leaders.


Developmental coaching that focuses on stimulating mental growth for senior executives, stretching your worldview, thinking capability and mindset to develop strategic leadership performance.

Consultancy for Strategic Organizational Capability Development

Organizational Capability Integrated Solutions (OCIS)

Empower your leadership team to become the sponsors and guardians of their organizational health: to ensure that structure, culture and leadership practices develop and sustain high-performing and engaged people.

Troubleshooting Complexity-Related Strategic Challenges

Short-term consultancy support when you need an expert to help your team sort out high-complexity, strategic challenges.