We are constantly updating and further improving our games. However, technology has changed a lot and after eight years since launch our Conflict Games Series finally requires a full technical overhaul. So for the coming months we’ll take the games off the market and transfer them onto a new platform. We’ll let you know once…Continue Reading “Our Conflict Games Series Will Receive An Overhaul & Technical Update”

Over the past two years people and organisations had to adapt to an enormous amount of change; remote work, virtual meetings – and the frequent need to jam cotton tipped sticks up our own noses. One of the most daunting challenges for many organisations has been the need to recruit virtually. Despite all available tools…Continue Reading “Recruiting Remotely for Critical Senior Appointments? Games-based Assessments Help Tackle One of the Most Daunting Challenges in a Suddenly Virtual World of Work”

Due to the success of the ‘Karthasia Trials Assessment’ released and in response to requests from our partners and clients we will launch two new assessment formats this summer 2020: The Karthasia Trials for External RecruitmentA two hour ‘quick & sharp’ version of the full assessment designed for external recruitment and assessment centres.Like the extensive…Continue Reading “Upcoming Releases Summer 2020: The Karthasia Trials for External Recruitment & for New Graduates”

The idea of Universal Basic Income has caught the popular imagination. Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, among others, have jumped on to the bandwagon to promote its potential. Equally, there are others who see the idea as a short jump to creating future generations of people dis-incentivised to work. Who is right? Well,…Continue Reading “Universal Basic Income: Panacea or Distraction?”