'The world's private and public sector leaders believe that a rapid escalation of complexity is the biggest challenge confronting them. They expect it to escalate in the coming years. They are equally clear that their enterprises are not equipped to cope effectively with this complexity in the global environment.'

Extract from IBM's Global CEO Study 'Capitalizing in Complexity' 


In an increasingly dynamic and globalized world growing and sustaining a successful business is a major challenge. It requires agility, creativity, vision and leadership to survive the rapid changes and volatility of today's business environment. It is this environment in which we are at our best and thrive.

We founded Strategic Nudge to share our hard-won wisdom with you, to give you the tools to develop yourself, your senior executive team and your organization.

We don’t want you to just weather the storm but rather turn that howling wind into an endless energy that fuels your business.



Strategic Nudge develops the capability of senior executives across diverse sectors to cope with the complexity of strategic challenges. 

Our primary focus is on those below-the-surface capability factors which are the real drivers of performance, engagement, and personal development.


Unique Client Experience

Tactical or Strategic?

Our portfolio allows clients to choose the degree of support they need, whether it’s an ad hoc talent executive development initiative or a full systemic talent pipeline review.


We are continuously innovating to create more powerful experiential learning programs in the form of high impact, immersive and fully scalable games-based simulations. We don't do simple gamification; our games allow learners to experience challenges and experiment in situations they recognize from organizational life - including a fair bit of humour and all the human drama. We expose our learners to virtual experiences that are as close as possible to reality but without the risks of learning ‘on the job’. Within this environment learning is immersive and engaging, with the learner interacting with characters, expanding their judgement and decision-making capabilities beyond simple cause-effect patterns and experiencing the impact of their decisions on the organization and its people.

The use of Virtual and Augmented Reality in some of our games lifts the learning experience to an even more intense level of immersion.

Peace of Mind

Whether it's about helping you to develop your organizational environment, creating powerful games-based learning or developmental coaching programs, you can rest assured that our solutions are based on sound scientific principles and methodologies - not the latest fads.

Fusion of Expertise

We are not a games developer venturing into business education nor are we a management consultancy dabbling in games. Our in-house team offers a rare combination of niche expertise in organizational and individual development alongside games development (including VR and AR specialisms).

Powerful Results

We share your desire to optimize budgets and people resources and above all, we value your time. So we consistently aim to meet your specific needs with effective and efficient solutions that will provide the results you want.