The Art of Problem Solving

'If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem,
I'd spend 55 minutes defining it, and 5 minutes solving it.'

Albert Einstein

Apply the Right Solution to the Right Problem at the Right Time

Being clear about your challenges - and why they exist - is fundamental to your success.
Your ability to resolve those challenges is influenced by the capabilities of your people and the organizational environment which either helps or hinders their efforts.

Whilst our clients are free to choose from our Portfolio of Solutions, we encourage them to establish a clear understanding of their challenge and its context first before opting for a particular response.

Even the best remedy might fail if you lack an accurate diagnosis.

Want to reduce the risk of placing the wrong people in the wrong role?

For an assessment of your people’s capabilities to manage complexity, the ‘Karthasia Trials’ is our go-to games-based assessment tool which will provide you with reliable and comprehensive feedback about their current level of thinking capability.

This tool is available for use by senior executives within an organization, as well as executive search consultants supporting the organization’s recruitment activities for mid and senior level roles.

Need an organizational ‘health check’?

Our Organizational Capability Integrated Solutions help you to develop a systemic view of your organization and your people, giving you clarity about your priorities and a roadmap and tools to address identified needs.



A groundbreaking assessment tool which identifies and stretches people’s thinking capabilities to cope with complexity at senior organizational level.