Upcoming Releases Summer 2020: The Karthasia Trials for External Recruitment & for New Graduates

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Two New Releases Upcoming in Summer 2020: The Karthasia Trials for External Recruitment & for New Graduates

Due to the success of the 'Karthasia Trials Assessment' released and in response to requests from our partners and clients we will launch two new assessment formats this summer 2020:

  1. The Karthasia Trials for External Recruitment
    A two hour 'quick & sharp' version of the full assessment designed for external recruitment and assessment centres.
    Like the extensive four-hour version for in-house assessment also this virtual, situational assessment is designed to assess candidates for senior level roles. The fully virtual assessment enables companies to identify candidates' capability to cope with strategic level challenges and allows recruiters and decision makers to much more accurately match the most suitable candidates to senior executive roles.
  2. The Karthasia Trials for New Graduates
    The two hour situational assessment is designed for fresh graduates and junior level roles and can be used for external recruitment as well as in-house talent management. It enables organisations to identify high potentials and fast track candidates suited for a career track leading into senior level roles later in their career.

Both assessments, like the original Karthasia Trials, can be completed online. They are administered virtually, remotely and without the need for facilitation.
Assessors and players will receive their reports to a designated email address.

Read more about the Karthasia Trials here or contact us for a list of distributors. 

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