Why We Created This Game

In our fast paced, highly dynamic business world change is a natural part of organizational life and making changes to adjust to new circumstances is essential to keep a business healthy and thriving.  Initiating and leading transformational change is ranked as one of CEOs’ greatest challenges. It goes far beyond the simple mechanics of changing business strategy and operating systems. You may choose to lead change through rational business arguments – but that’s no guarantee that your people will follow you. The bad news is, according to John Kotter, thought leader in organizational transformation, 85% of change initiatives fail. The good news is that there are instruments and methodologies at your disposal that increase your chances of success immensely and which you can discover throughout this game.

Learning Outcomes

After playing this game, you will be able to:

Understand the difference between change management and change leadership
Evaluate your personal readiness to lead change and create a roadmap for self-development
Apply what you have learned from experimentation in the game to your current work environment to reduce the risks of change failure

Key Themes

  • Socio-emotional development
  • Change leadership
  • Neuroscience of change
  • Strategic communication
  • Conflict Management and Resolution

Game Synopsis

Coming soon...

Who Would Benefit from This Game

CEOs and senior executives involved in planning and implementing transformational change for their organization