Due to the success of the ‘Karthasia Trials Assessment’ released and in response to requests from our partners and clients we will launch two new assessment formats this summer 2020: The Karthasia Trials for External RecruitmentA two hour ‘quick & sharp’ version of the full assessment designed for external recruitment and assessment centres.Like the extensive…Continue Reading “Upcoming Releases Summer 2020: The Karthasia Trials for External Recruitment & for New Graduates”

Stepping Up: How Work Complexity Expands By Organizational Level

Just recently a friend who is familiar with our work on helping companies to better cope with complex challenges remarked jokingly: ‘Lucky you, being a complexity specialist allows you to get all your kids to all the right places roughly at the right time!’ ‘Well’, I equally jokingly replied,’ that’s just operational complexity. You should…Continue Reading “Stepping Up: How Work Complexity Expands By Organizational Level”

Complexity in Organizations – It’s Complicated

‘This is complex’ has become a common phrase in organizations, used loosely to describe all sorts of headache-inducing problems. No doubt increasing complexity poses a major challenge but what exactly are we faced with when confronting a complex problem? How do we know we deal with a truly complex problem and not just a merely…Continue Reading “Complexity in Organizations – It’s Complicated”