The idea of Universal Basic Income has caught the popular imagination. Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, among others, have jumped on to the bandwagon to promote its potential. Equally, there are others who see the idea as a short jump to creating future generations of people dis-incentivised to work. Who is right? Well,…Continue Reading “Universal Basic Income: Panacea or Distraction?”

In our last post we applied complexity thinking to problems haunting the NHS. This week we are coming back to our toolkit. In our third Complexity Cheat we will discuss the power of effective communication and how we can use collaborative thinking to more successfully address complex challenges. Effective communication is a topic that has…Continue Reading “Complexity Cheat #03: Engage Your Team’s Mental Processing Power Through Communication”

Stretching Your Thinking to Manage Greater Complexity

In the first three parts of our series on complexity we have focused primarily on framing what we mean when we talk about complexity and we have begun exploring the demands increasing complexity poses on leaders and senior executives. In this fourth part of the series we will start to look into the particular capabilities…Continue Reading “Stretching Your Thinking to Manage Greater Complexity”

Stepping Up: How Work Complexity Expands By Organizational Level

Just recently a friend who is familiar with our work on helping companies to better cope with complex challenges remarked jokingly: ‘Lucky you, being a complexity specialist allows you to get all your kids to all the right places roughly at the right time!’ ‘Well’, I equally jokingly replied,’ that’s just operational complexity. You should…Continue Reading “Stepping Up: How Work Complexity Expands By Organizational Level”